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This website is the first stage in the creation of an online home for
Sree Sree Ramakrishna Ananda Ashrama at Bonhoogly and Naktala.


Sree Sree Ramakrishna Ananda Ashrama was founded on an ideal, both spiritual and humanitarian; dedication to that ideal has sustained it from 1931 to today. It has served as an example of what dedicated, staunch hearts could accomplish for the good of others.


The ashrama was founded by Srimata Charushila Devi on February 20, 1931 in Dacca, in the name of Swami Paramananda, as a branch of his Ananda Ashramas in America. The inspiration to establish this organization for the upliftment of India's women came from Swami Shivananda Maharaj then President of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission.


He encouraged Charushila Devi to be the pioneer in combining secular education with spiritual principles. The ashrama issued a call of welcome to women of all castes and creeds, especially the poor and destitute, proclaiming as its aim and object: "To find a loving shelter for them all, to mould the character, to increase the strength of mind, to expand the intellect and to make them stand on their own feet."


In a three part program of spiritual, intellectual and vocational training, the ashramas aimed to make women self-reliant so that they could take their rightful place in society.


The ashrama continues today in Bonhoogly and in Naktala.

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In The Beginning

"I offer my humble prayer that many others may feel the delight, inspiration and genuine enthusiasm as I have during my visit to this beautiful ashrama, so filled with pure idealism and practical fruition."

~ Swami Paramananda 1932 in India addressing a crowd of 3,000 at the second anniversary of the ashrama.

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